Hardest Greens

We all grew up playing miniature golf.  Each hole had some type of crazy obstacle, like a windmill or clown's nose or a pirate ship or even a rumbling volcano!  In The Villages we have our own type of crazy!  The course designers are noted for creating severely sloped and slanted surfaces or rolling carpets with peaks and valleys.  And sometimes all of the above!  Maybe no volcanos, but plenty of three-putt possibilities!  Here are the craziest nine >>>>>>>>>>>


Also note that in each course story, I rank the toughest to easiest holes and the hardest green for each course.  All of the greens listed here are obviously their course's most difficult.  Who needs windmills!  

The Hardest Greens is a part of the mythical golf complex called The Exec 54 - check it out >>>

Heron 8 is a mind bender!  You may need to get the putt to bend as well!

Redfish 9's green has two landing zones.  Aim for the upper ONLY if the pin is up there.  You don't want to chip or putt down to the lower level.  It could run all the way to the water!

The green on Pimlico 8. 

The bottom tier is 3 feet below the top.  And the flag is always waving on the edge of the upper tier.  Putting down toward the cup on the top tier is as difficult as blasting a shot up that ridge!