369 golf holes are vying for this list!  Everyone wants to look good and win the beauty pageant! Our 41 executive courses are filled with candidates, each designed and constructed with care to be attractive.  Picking the 18 most beautiful is very subjective because all beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My list of "Postcard" holes will undoubtably vary from yours.  But that's what makes being a beholder fun!  

The list includes holes from 14 of the 41 courses.  That doesn't mean the others are ugly - far from it.  I've played them all and each has a unique look and feel with plenty of Florida oaks, palms and water.  And gators too!  Remarkably, Gray Fox has three of the 18 most attractive, which qualifies it for one of my Top Five Courses. 

Here they are - the 18 holes worthiest of being on a postcard >>>>>

Regarding the pictures below, none of them do justice to the experience of standing on the box readying a golf shot - they're breathtaking to behold in person!   

In Alpha Order:

The "Honorable Mentions" are listed below

The 18 Most Postcard-Worthy Beautiful Holes

The thoroughbred theme is wonderfully evident on Churchill 6.  It's long wooden fence framing the right fairway looks like racehorses should be grazing alongside.  

The 2nd on Gray Fox has the best backdrop.  It nearly washes out the view of the green, sand and grasses in the front.  So, it's a tough shot too, not just a "looker"!

Gray Fox 8 at sunset doesn't even look real.  Love that the Designer chose to add all those palms to the back right to accentuate the treasure trove of trees already there! 

Gray Fox 9 is even better than 8. The grasses in front of the two bunkers sets off the stunning leafy trees in the back. Each time I play this course I really hate to leave!


Amazingly, Gray Fox has three holes in this collection of the 18 most beautiful! No wonder this course is one of my top five.

Hawkes Bay 6 has a diversity of trees alongside and in the back of a gently sloping green framed by two perfect traps.

Heron 2 is too good looking - it's distracting.  And the panorama is even better - the view to your right from the tee box out to Lake Miona is fabulous!

Longleaf 8 at sunset - can it get any better than this?  Best of all, that huge oak in the back doesn't even come into play - it's just for decoration!  


And that same tree is what causes Longleaf 3 to be one of the Hardest Holes.  So, from one side it's stunning, the other side it just stuns - depends on your perspective! 


The 8th at Lowlands is the first time on the course you get to see the Hogeye Preserve.  There's a 2.5-mile walking trail around it where you'll see marshland, birds of every feather, Spanish moss hanging from massive oaks, a new disc golf course, the backs of gorgeous premier homes, the Marshview Pitch & Putt, and even a bridge to watch the current.  Oh, and Edna's - maybe the best post-game destination in town.  You could spend an entire afternoon on the Hogeye.  But focus first on hitting this beautiful 8th green at Lowlands first!

The newly added palms on the back of Mira Mesa 6 layers in an attractive flare to this classy tree-draped par three. 

The 7th hole at Mira Mesa looks like it could be The Masters!  And I'm sure the pros could manage that tree on the left corner better than me!


It could be argued that Mira Mesa 6 and 7 are the most beautiful combo on all the exec courses!  


No wonder it's one of my top five courses.


Palmetto 7 looking westerly late in the afternoon.  The shimmering water that runs the fairways' length is simply stunning and forms a perfect frame with the cart path that traces the left. Even better is it's a par four so you can have some extra time with this beauty! 

Pelican 3 is a beauty with a bite! The tall marsh along the left provides a nice frame but masks a frontal trap that will get you if you pull your shot.  

The fabulous Saddlebrook fountain is featured on the 8th!  At sunset the scene is particularly pretty.  

The Saddlebrook Rec Center is the classy backdrop to the 9th green at Saddlebrook.  Has an Augusta like feel to me! 

Who needs white sand to make a hole look good?  The 8th at Silver Lake, like all the holes on this course, has no bunkers.  Instead, it features incredible trees framing a perfect green.  It's the original beauty queen, gold-medal worthy!

How is this for eye candy?  Sweetgum 7 is sweet!  And check out that great patio gazebo on the home just left of the green - it's a real beauty and certainly an entrant to any Best Backyard list!  

Truman 2 with a view! Plus, if it ever snowed it would be the best downhill run!  Watch out for those moguls!

This Postcard is "pretty" tough shot too.  The 4th on Turtle Mound from the black tees is all over water and sand to a narrow green.  In fact, it's the only Postcard that's also on a "hardest hole" list - in this case, the Hardest Shortest Shots list.

It's beautiful to look at - a bummer to hit!

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Amberwood 5
  2. Briarwood 2
  3. Redfish 2
  4. Roosevelt 8
  5. Southern Star 8
  6. Walnut Grove 2

These 18 Postcard holes are a part of a full collection of the best holes in The Exec 54 >>>

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