Toughest to Easiest

In each course story I give you my opinion on the difficulty of each hole.  The holes are ranked from toughest to easiest.  

The point in doing this is twofold:  First it’s a fun discussion starter and everyone will have a different opinion for sure!  Second, it helps me tactically focus.  When I’m trying to play smart (enter your own punchline here…..), I try to accept the fact that I’m going to get a bogey on the four toughest holes.  Those are the longest or have the most hazards, both of which can cause me to overswing or take unnecessary risks – and sometimes those errant shots result in a double bogey or even the dreaded snowman!  So instead, I try to just play for a bogey on those four toughest holes.  That frees my mind to focus on playing well on the five easiest.  And guess what?  Sometimes when I intentionally take a conservate approach to the toughest holes, I take an easier swing and the ball lands on the green – amazing!  Give it try sometimes and see if this approach helps you score better – and then develop your own toughest-to-easiest list for your favorite courses too!

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