So, you think you know your Villages Exec Courses?  Let's see.  There have been a number of questions asked throughout the course stories. Here's a list of all the questions with answers linked next to them >>>>>>>>

  1. What are the five courses named after people? Answer
  2. What are the four courses named after an animal? Answer
  3. What are the four longest courses from the Black Tees? Answer
  4. How many courses can you name that have 2 par fours?  There are 11 of them. Answer
  5. How many of the Level 3 or 4 can you name that have no par fours - so all par three holes? There are 8 of them. Answer
  6. What are the four courses with holes only going north and south (none where you aim east or west)? Answer
  7. What are the two courses where you drive your cart through a sand trap? Answer
  8. What are the two courses with no holes shorter than 125 from the gold tees? Answer 
  9. What are the three shortest courses from the Green Tees? Answer
  10. What are the five courses with the longest cart ride between two holes?  Answer
  11. What are the three shortest Level 4 courses from Black tees?  Answer
  12. How many executive courses can you name that are immediately adjacent to a Villages championship course? There are 8 of them.  Answer
  13. How many sets of "sister" courses that share the same Starter Shack can you name?  There are 9 of them.  Answer
  14. What six courses are built under a power line - where you have to travel underneath a line?  Answer
  15. Try this "3" Question: What are the three longest Level 3 courses that have all par threes? Answer

  16. What are the three courses with two consecutive holes on my Postcard List? Answer
  17. There are six holes that play over 370 from the black tees.  Can you name them? Answer
  18. What are the five shortest holes (not including a Level 1 course)? Answer
  19. What are the four executive courses that are immediately adjacent to two Recreation Centers? Answer
  20. Pelican 1 is the hardest opening shot - what is the hardest closing shot?  (hint - it has to be a 9th hole on a course AND on my Hardest Hole list - there's actually two of them) Answer 
  21. What courses open with a par four?  Answer
  22. What are the four courses located in the corners of The Villages? Answer
  23. What is the only “executive' course that has a 19th hole? Answer

  24. What courses require you to cross over a city street? Answer
  25. This is the Prohibition question - what courses are completely dry?  Where the water doesn't come into play on any shot? There are three of them. Answer
  26. Which course's 9th hole is situated in between the starter shack and another course's 9th hole - so theoretically, you could play the two 9th holes back-to-back on the way back to the starter shack!  Answer 
  27. Newest Quiz Question:  Match pictures of "roadside attractions to the nearest course

Extra Credit in Pictures: 

  1. What hole is pictured in the banner above? Answer
  2. What course is pictured below and where on the course was it taken? Answer


If you get all these questions correct, you're either Rain Man, or have too much time on your hands!  


Oh, and don't say Rain Man out loud cuz Rain is the only enemy we have here Man! 

Dustin Hoffman keeping Tom Cruise's score!