Nothing like a challenging first hole to get your attention.  It's the equivalent of a double espresso!  And at our age, anything that can inject some adrenaline, short of actual exercise, is valuable.  Here are my hardest five first holes guaranteed to get your blood pumping:

1. Hill Top 1

2. Longleaf 1

3. Pelican 1

4. Volusia 1

5. Yankee Clipper 1

Hill Top 1 - Welcome to the Danger Zone!

Longleaf 1

Pelican 1 - prepare for lift off 

Volusia 1 - Game on!  hardest green on the course and an impossible chip if you go long.

Yankee Clipper 1 - nothing like hitting over water to a sloped green protected by a wall to test your hitting streak!

Honorable Mention:

1. Bacall 1

2. Escambia 1


So these are the Hardest Openers.  My favorite 5 opening holes that just make me happy are here.  So what's left?  How about the five bleakest opening holes - click here for that walk of shame list.