Caddie Quick Tips

Here's a brief guide for each hole>

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Red Fox


  1. Keep your head down shooting over water on your first hole
  2. Par four - the more confident you are in your driver, the more left you should aim
  3. Accept a bogey (and a lost ball)!
  4. Be short for uphill putt
  5. Check wind now that you are further away from the trees
  6. Elevated green - come in high
  7. Tough short hole - best landing place is short of the flag but over the wall! 
  8. Change of direction - check the wind
  9. Short left is safest place to aim
  10. Toughest four: 3, 9, 7, 1

Now you’ve finished the “front 4” and drive past the starter shack to the north to get to the “back 5”.  The 5th hole has Red Fox’s best-looking sand trap (is that a new category I should start?) and a green with a subtle valley in the center for a tricky putting experience.  #6 is a little longer to an elevated green that punishes anything that’s not a direct hit.  Sometimes the shortest holes pose the greatest challenge - #7 is a perfect example.  It faces south into the Fenney Wetlands and gives you a great view into the Fenney Recreation area.  It’s a really tight shot – my fear of hitting into the trees on the back cause me to swing light, but that brings into play the wetlands and a pesky wall covering the front.  You need a perfect drop shot to avoid big trouble.   And the green slopes to the front left leaving you most likely with a downhill putt.  After navigating that little gem, you make your final turn on the figure-eight and head back southwest with the woodlands now on your left.  #8 is a mid-range shot with water along your right but the green is wide open.  Get your par here, because #9 is coming!  When I first started to keep a list of the Hardest Holes, Red Fox #9 was my first entrant.  After playing the course three times, I seriously considered hitting a driver off the red barn in the back just to miss the marsh and sand!  When you stand on the tee box 150 yards out you will see what I mean – there’s only a speck of green to shoot at.  This is like a Pelican course wannabe hole!  Have fun with it, use your water ball if you didn’t lose it on #1, or maybe you still have a mulligan if #3 didn’t gobble it up!  Think of me when you see that red barn, and maybe you’ll start your own hardest holes list with this one too!  Red Fox is a memory maker for sure! 

Toughest to Easiest:

3, 9, 1, 7, 6, 2, 4, 5 - hardest green #4