Caddie Quick Tips

Here's a brief guide for each hole>

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  1. Tough first shot - take extra practice swings and keep your head down through impact - don't even look up until others in your group tell you to
  2. Don't club down - better to be long than short
  3. Aim for front of the green for uphill putt
  4. Check the wind - it's your first shot to the east
  5. Left side is best
  6. Left side is best
  7. Aim center left for best 2nd approach angle to the green
  8. Don't over swing - accept the likely bogey result and don't make it worse by hitting into the fairway sand.  Club up on 2nd shot.
  9. Aim for front left for best putting angle

Toughest four: 8, 7, 1, 2