Caddie Quick Tips

Here's a brief guide for each hole>

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Hill Top


  1. Club down - don't go long
  2. The exact opposite shot - uphill and probably into the wind - club up and don't be short
  3. Downhill again - better to be long to avoid the traps
  4. Don't go long - use your highest lofted club that can carry that front trap - aim right of green for safest target zone
  5. Aim for the left side of the green
  6. Land on the green's right for best putting angle
  7. Be short of the flag for an uphill putt
  8. Unless you hit a draw, use long iron to target the 150 yard white stake, then club up to reach the green on your 2nd shot
  9. Either run up a low long iron under the tree line, or use a wedge to get close to the green's right.

Toughest four: 4, 1, 9, 8

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