Caddie Quick Tips

Here's a brief guide for each hole>

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  1. Aim right for your first shot of the day
  2. Be aware that wind is most likely behind you
  3. Bogart's hardest hole.  It's ok laying up but be aware of hidden trap on the green's back on your chip shot approach
  4. Be right away from sand
  5. Par four - be center right on your drive, then aim at green's left - avoid deep front sand trap at all costs
  6. You'll need a high drop shot to hold this green
  7. Visually intimidating hole - aim for the open space between traps, or its ok to be short and chip up over those traps
  8. Aim to green's left for an uphill putt
  9. Go right at the pin

Toughest four: 3, 7, 4, 6