There is no place better to be a beginner golfer than in The Villages.  There are three golf academies that offer lessons. Three brand new putting courses have been built where you can start your love affair with golf with the shortest shots!  My favorite is the Clifton Cove course in the Sawgrass area.  Then you can branch out to using a few more clubs by playing one of the Pitch and Putt courses.  The newest are Richmond and Mickeylee.  When you feel more comfortable, try one of my Top Five executive courses for beginners >>>>>>>>>>>

Hope to see you out there!

  • Sarasota and El Santiago were designed for beginner golfers - shorter holes with huge flat greens and oversized 8-inch cups to make putting easier.  And there's fewer sand and water hazards to navigate.
  • Turtle Mound is a Level 1 course in the center of town. It's perfect for new golfers or those who just want to enjoy the game without pressure.  Plus, it has the best-looking sand traps in town! 
  • Loblolly is a Level 3 course, but from the green tees it's the 4th shortest course in The Villages.  You'll tee off from a variety of distances, so it won't play like a Pitch and Putt course, but you won't have to hit over water.  
  • Lowlands is a Level 2 course, and it does have two par fours for you to stretch out, but neither are super long.  You may want to experiment with teeing up your shots on the fairway.  It's where my wife and I played our first game as Villagers! 

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