Five Best Stretches 

Sometimes you come across a stretch of holes that are so good you want to immediately go back and replay them again.  What makes a perfect stretch?  They've got to be interesting, uniquely designed and attractive with just a touch of toughness.  And for sure no flaws!  When you've finished, you simply want to shoot them all again! 

Here are my favorite five>>>

    • Bacall 5-8 Two of the four are in my Hardest Holes list and the other two could be on the Postcard List - that's like a movie star stretch-limo!
    • Bogart 3-8 Not to be outdone by its sister Bacall, these 6 holes strung together are Key Largo perfect in difficulty and appearance. 
    • Churchill Greens 4-9 A remote setting with evergreens, horses, ravines, fences and fours (pars that is - two of them!)  That's the 6th hole pictured.
    • Pelican 1-6 Two beginning blind shots, two fours with hazards galore, postcard perfection, surprise sand and a shot at Old Glory!  Now that's a stretch!
    • Sweetgum 5-8 One long, one marshy, one beautiful, one impossible.  That's diversity at its finest!

    Honorable Mention:

    • Amberwood 5-7 (the most difficult stretch in town)
    • Belmont 5-9
    • Heron 5-9
    • Briarwood 2-5
    • Mangrove 4-7
    • Palmetto 5-9
    • Pimlico 4-9
    • Saddlebrook 6-9

    What stretches are your favorites?

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