Go Green!

I play with some guys who can hit their driver nearly 250 yards.  That’s really fun to watch, but impossible for most to match.  Not everyone’s a big hitter.  But everyone can still enjoy this great game – especially on executive courses where length is not a prerequisite.  Each course will play differently depending on what tee box you use.  Green is the shortest, Black the longest and Gold is like Goldilocks, right in the middle.  Besides being shorter, most of the difficult hazards, especially water, but even sometimes sand traps or severe slopes and such are eliminated if you tee off from the Green Tees.  This is great and makes the game more enjoyable for all levels of players!  Even pro golfers know that you “hit for show but putt for dough”, so we should all feel less pressure to hit the ball long and find satisfaction by playing well from around the green.  On each course, I’ll try to point out the primary benefits of hitting from green – where Going Green makes you feel Great!  That sounds like a good bumper sticker for Kermit the Frog! 


Best Courses from Green Tees

Courses with all par threes:

  1. Mangrove - 694 yards
  2. Escambia - 757 yards
  3. Loblolly - 793 yards
  4. Turtle Mound - 804 yards
  5. El Diablo - 811 yards


Courses with just 1 short par four:

  1. Heron 
  2. Longleaf 
  3. Tarpon Boil


Still want the Ultimate Challenge from Green?  Here are the hardest greenies to try:

  1. Pelican (1,171 yard - level 4 with hazards galore)
  2. Amberwood (1,163 yard - level 4)
  3. Bacall (1,247 yard - level 3)

For Beginners

If you're new to golf, teeing off from the Green tee box is a perfect way to transition into playing executive courses.  Take a look at my other recommendations for beginners here: