Two Times - One Tree

Published on 21 April 2023 at 15:19

I played Longleaf two days in a row, and I noticed something I hadn't in the past.  The "most famous tree in The Villages" - the one in the center of the fairway on #3 - it's the same exact tree that's visible from the 8th tee.  Longleaf has two holes in one of my top 18 lists.  The 3rd is on my Hardest Holes list and the 8th is on my Postcard list.  And both because of one single tree!  As it says in the Longleaf course story, this highly influential tree is both vexing to play around and mesmerizing to stare at!  And I got to do it twice in two days! 

In the middle of the 3rd fairway

Behind the 8th green

From behind the 8th green.

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